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Always Wanted to Know How to Lift Something Up Heavy Without Pulling Your Back Out?

 Is Moving and Storage Easy? How Can You Storage Your Items Corectly?

How a moving and storage professional thinks before moving items. Check the item before trying to lift it. Test every load before lifting it by pushing it lightly with your hands or feet to see if it moves easily. This will give you a clue on how heavy it is.
Remember, small does not mean light.

Is the box you need to lift packed correctly? Ensure the that the weight is balanced, so it doesn’t move around. Loose pieces in a box can cause accidents should the box become unbalanced.

Is it easy to grip? Have a tight grip before lifting anything. Handles applied may help to lift it safely.

To avoid damaging your back, use a ladder when lifting something over your head.
Get close to the load. Slide it towards you, never arch your back, and avoid reaching over for an object. Do all the work with your legs and arms.

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