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Precious Tips for Moving Smoothly

Before and After You Move. Prepare Your Moving Checklist!

We are committed to helping our clients however we can, and we use these articles to offer useful tips and valuable information that you can apply in your move. In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to make your transition smoother and easier by following simple steps. To be sure that you remember all of them, you can print this list and keep it with you at all times during the move!

precious moving tips

  • Keep notes of everything
    Your mover will issue a shipment registration number that you should keep in case you need to call them with questions about your items. Also, keep track of what you have done so far because it is easy to forget simple things in the middle of moving. After all, it is a difficult and stressful process.
  • Be ready for the first couple of nights
    Pack with the first days in mind. The basic stuff that you are going to need like sheets, towels and other essentials should be packed last and unpacked first. That way you will have all the fundamental items you need in order to handle the rest of the unpacking without a hitch.
  • Keep your phone book close
    People often need to call people and businesses in their former towns, so keep that in mind and take your current phone book with you just in case you need to make a call.
  • Protect your Memorabilia
    Valuable and expensive items should be kept close during the move. If you are driving your car on the way to your new home, keep them there. Such objects are irreplaceable, and you should avoid shipping them with movers. If you are moving items like artwork or framed photos, make sure to put some sheets between them so that they don’t brake.
  • Packing plates and records properly
    In order to avoid breaking any of your plates or records, don’t place them flat, stacking them on each other. Instead, place them vertically to protect them from any impact.
  • Keep your pets are calm
    If it is possible, give your pet to a friend on the moving day so that you can keep them away from all the action. This way they will not get overly excited, which is something that often makes things difficult for people to handle everything with peace of mind.
  • Make your kids do some of the work
    Let them take their mind off things by having them write their names on boxes, write down all the labels and other packing & moving activities that can be made to seem fun for them.
  • Careful with the plants
    If you are moving any plants with you in your car, make sure that their leaves are not pressed against the windows. They might get scorched from the sun, which is damage that cannot be undone.
  • Let the movers do the rest
    Once you are done with all the packing and everything that depends on you, just sit back and take a breath, letting the movers do the rest of the heavy lifting. Relocation is difficult on everyone, so get all the help you can receive from the professionals you have hired.

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