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Need a Place Where You Can Safely and Securely Store Your Artwork?

Moving & Storage Service Tips on Storing Fine Art

Incorrect storage for fine art can destroy a collection, thus erasing its potential value, so it is vital for collectors to protect their pieces. Storage facilities for paintings and other valuable items should have the right temperature and humidity, and any framed art must be protected at all costs. Separate cabinets and other containers must protect prints from such things as heat, light, and any environmental pollutants, all of these can potentially destroy fine art. If a collection is placed in long term storage, it has to be kept secure and protected from any damage which could be done during transport. Private companies are available which specialize in art storage in their own facilities or offer consultations to aid collectors to equip their space correctly.

Humidity and temperature are the two most important factors which can affect the quality of a painting. Paper and canvas are open to the likes of mold and mildew, as these two require warm and moist environments to grow. However, dry air can damage paintings as well, they should never be stored close to heating vents or in rooms that have low humidity levels. These factors should be considered when choosing a moving & storage service.

Paintings will decrease in value if they are in frames, this is due to the fact that framing exposes them to heat, light, and moisture, which results in the fading and degradation of materials. The best way to avoid this damage is by storing paintings in acid-free paper folders. Each print must be placed flat, and not touch each one. As most collectors prefer to show off their pieces, protective framing is available. An acid-free mat must be used to stop contact between the glass and the painting. The glass should have an ultraviolet filter on it. Some experts advice leaving prints on display for a while, and then rotating them with others, this will help to preserve them.

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