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Want to Know What to Expect from Your Removal Firm?

What Exactly Does a Furniture Mover Do?

The most stereotypical furniture movers are big burly men lifting refrigerators and pianos, and then carrying them down 2 flights of stairs. They are often labelled as not being too careful with cherished heirlooms and keepsakes, bashing them into walls while being totally unaware of the scratches and dents that are being done to them. For the most part, though, a professional furniture remover will take care of your cherished items, like they were their own.

The furniture remover does move items; however, that is but a small part of their job description. The majority of furniture movers are employed by moving and storage companies and are dealing with the entire contents of a home. While a furniture mover can come to your residence to relocate single items, like billiard tables or refrigerators, the biggest part of their jobs revolves around packing, loading, transporting, and unloading of goods. This is a task which is not simple or easy.

Before they even lift a single item, they will first go through your home and place numbered stickers to each packed box, piece of furniture and appliance. These will then be documented on an inventory list. The movers keep one copy, and the other is given to their customer. Once their customer reads the list and signs it, the moving process will start. With some cases, if the customer has paid for an extra service, the movers will pack everything themselves, padding all items to prevent the chances of damage or breakage.

Then the moving will start, and the mover will wrap thick blankets around items which could get scratched or dented. Everything will then be placed on their truck and be tied or strapped securely so they are not jostled in transit. In most cases, one of the movers will be the driver too, transporting your items to your destination. Upon arrival, the movers will then proceed to unload the truck and bring in your items into your new home.

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